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Stone Work

Stone Work | Steve's Stucco, Inc. - Pinellas Park, FL

Stone work is a magnificent option when you want to accent your home and garden without having to pay a lot of money. Stone work involves installing natural earth stones to form a decorative pattern that enlivens your exteriors. Steve’s Stucco, Inc. is just the company to get in touch with when you want to add stone work to your Pinellas Park, FL home!

We offer a wide range of services including stone installation, stone work design, and stone walls. Whether you are looking to cordon off an area of your backyard or you want to plant a raised garden, adding stone walls is a very attractive way to highlight the features of your property.

Use Steve’s Stucco, Inc. for stone installation along your walkways and garden, your pool and deck area, or your entryway. How you decide to incorporate a stone installation to your home is up to you. You let us know what you want and we will make it happen! We produce exquisite stone work designs to help you maximize the look of your stone installation.

When you hire Steve’s Stucco, Inc. you know that our stone work is of the highest quality. You can choose from our many natural stone materials and find one that fits the style that you want for your home or business. We can handle large stone work projects and small ones as well. Whatever type of stone you want, we can get it for you!

Select from limestone, granite, marble, slate and many more. Find the color and pattern that matches your home siding or your flower bed. This is a wonderful way to use nature to bring out the flair and natural beauty of your landscape. Your back patio becomes a paradise with quality stone work by Steve’s Stucco, Inc.

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